Zoo Animal Transport

Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) do not only handle household pets, we also handle zoo animals of all shapes and sizes. From Lizards and snakes to Koalas and Kangaroos we can customise a tailored travel plan that is just right for any animal.

We carefully coordinate the interstate or international move keeping in mind each animal’s unique requirements based on their type and breed and can tailor make their itinerary to shorten their travel time. PETS can also arrange custom built International Air Transport Association approved travel crates which are suited to each animal’s individual needs.

large zoo transport
kennels box 2

Pet Express Transport Service had the pleasure of working with Zoo Zurich to transport Perenties and Northern Pilbara rock monitors from Australia to Switzerland. These monitor lizards were part of Zoo Zurich’s new Australian exhibit. To check out their new Australian exhibit, visit Zoo Zurich on www.zoo.ch/australien

Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) arranged state of the art Koala travel crate for our local star Australian animal conservationist Chris Humphry from Wild Action Zoo.