Lort Smith Animal Hospital – About the Organisation

Lort Smith Animal Hospital is the only largest non-profit veterinary Hospital in Australia. This massive hospital that hosts 67 vets and 94 nurses has the distinction of providing state of the art animal care to over 24,000 animals in the year 2015 alone.

Born out of the Animal Welfare League in the year 1927, the Lort Smith Animal Hospital has the legacy of Mrs Lousia Lort Smith.

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Top Tips for Travelling with Pets on family holidays

Taking some time out to relax and unwind on a holiday is something that we all love to do from time to time. For most pet lovers, the moment is heartbreaking when they are leaving to go on holiday and their pet looks at them longingly. The guilt of having to leave a member of the family in someone else’s care while you are enjoying on a faraway beach can just get too much sometimes.

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Pet Ownership Statistics in Australia

A pet is not just an animal that shares your home, for most pet owners, their pet is another member of their family. They share their joys and sorrows with their pets just as they would do with the other members of their families.

A pet in the house is quite the norm for most Australians. A recent survey revealed that there were more than 25 million pets in Australia and that nearly 5 million Australian households have one or more pets. Australia’s pet ownership at 63% is certainly among the highest in the world.

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