Pet Travel Information


How & where do pets travel on jet aeroplanes?

All pets travel in IATA standard and airline approved travel kennels. They must have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in the kennel. These kennels are available in Plastic and wood, and all include a water bowl. Pets travel in a temperature and pressure controlled cabin in the aeroplane dedicated to pets; they have same atmosphere here as the passengers do above.

Can I take my pet in the passenger cabin or as an excess baggage?

You can only take pets in the passenger cabin in some countries; this is not allowed in Australia. Pets can be booked as excess baggage on some domestic flights within Australia. All pets in Australia travel in a temperature and pressure controlled cabin within the aeroplane dedicated to pets. All pets must travel in airline approved travel kennels.

How long before the flight do the pets need to be at the airport?

Usually 90 minutes prior to the departure time for domestic flights within Australia and 3 hours prior to the departure time for international flights.

Who looks after pets before and during their flight?

Prior to boarding, pets wait in the warehouse facility of the airlines, separate from other cargo to minimize stress. Pets get priority service; they are put on the flight last and taken off first. During flight, airline staff are not permitted to access travel kennels.

In case of long haul flights, during transit, pets are checked by airline ground staff and their water bowls are refilled. Animals are not permitted to be taken out of their travel kennels due to quarantine regulations. If any pet appears unwell a veterinarian will be called to assess the pet and provide treatment as required (the fees relating to any treatment will be discussed and charged to the owner)

On some long haul flights, comfort stops are also available, during these comfort stops, Pet Express Transport Services can arrange for your pet to have a walk and a play, be groomed or to stay at an animal hotel so that they can rest up before their next flight.
If you have any other questions relating to the above, please contact our experienced travel coordinators for further information.

Can my pet have food before and during the flight?

We recommend that your pet should not eat within the 4 hours prior to their checkin time for domestic flights and within 7 hours prior to their checkin time for international flights, this is to avoid any potential travel sickness. Meals are not permitted during flight however all pets have access to clean drinking water.

Can we put bedding or toys inside the crate?

You can put bedding or toys inside the travel kennel as long these items do not take up too much room. Please avoid small toys which can be a choking hazard. Please note that on international flights all bedding and toys are removed and destroyed upon arrival in accordance with the quarantine regulations of most countries.

Can we or should we sedate our pet?

We do not recommend sedation for any traveling animal.  Pets should travel in a natural state unless it is deemed necessary by our/your Vet . Sedation can be more stressful for pets when they wake up in a totally new environment.  Sedation can also lead to dehydration which can be dangerous.  If you are concerned about how your pet will travel, our vets are available for consultation prior to international flights.

Can we send collars and leads with our pets?

Yes, but collars and leads are not allowed inside the travel kennel, we can only attach them to the outside.

If you have any other questions, please contact our experienced consultant for further information.