Pet Travel Services

Pet Imports

Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) can assist you to bring you pet into Australia. Our specialst staff are trained to assist you so that the strict conditions designed to manage biosecurity risks to Australia are adhered to. We are also able to clear your pets from customs and also from the Australian Government operated cat and dog post entry quarantine facilities.

The Australian quarantine services for cats and dogs are currently provided by only one facility in Australia and this facility is located in Mickleham, a short drive from Tullamarine Airport, Victoria.
Under the current import conditions for Australia most pets undergo just 10 days in post entry quarantine. In this period Australian quarantine departmental staff provide the care your animal needs, while managing the administrative and biosecurity requirements that prepare your pet for release (Australian Government: Department of Agriculture).

Pets booked into the Mickleham Quarantine Facility must enter Australia via the Melbourne International Airport (this excludes pets coming from New Zealand).

Our import services include
  • Arranging Australian import permits
  • Customs clearance at Melbourne International Airport or Sydney International Airport (for pets coming from New Zealand)
  • Delivery to and pick up from the Australian quarantine facility
  • Domestic flight bookings, if your pets final destination is not Melbourne Australia
  • Delivery of your pet to your home once their quarantine period has passed.
  • After hours customer support should you have any questions whilst your pet is traveling.