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International Pet Travel

Today, humans are more or less global citizens – thanks to the developments in the transporting sector and technological innovations.

People travel across continents to seek new careers, a better life, for trade, to explore, and much more. When they want to move their pets based on their travel plans, people prefer hassle-free, high-quality transport options.

Welcome to Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) – the leader of international pet travel services in Australia with nearly two decades of seamless services.

Are you searching for high-quality, reliable pet international travel options in Australia to move your pet to your new international destination or want to import an animal from abroad? You will find our services to be the ideal choice for your requirements.

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Tailored To Your Requirements

We offer pet travel services customised to the requirements of our customers. You have the complete flexibility to select tailored travel itineraries for your pet based on your travel plan, specialised care based on the needs of your pet, and much more. We also supply specialised travel kennels for pets and will help you to prepare your pet for travel with expert guidance.

Do you want lounge access for your pet to ensure ultimate comfort during transit? At PETS, we are fully flexible to your requirements. Talk to our pet transporting professionals on 1300 073 839 to learn more about our customisation options.

A Terrific Team Of Caring Pet Experts

At PETS, we are a team of experts who are passionate about providing the highest quality pet travel services. They will take care of everything related to pet travel, from setting the right temperature and pressure in the cabin to ensure your beloved pet’s positive well-being during the transit.

Do you know that all the pets leaving Australian soil should be examined by a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) veterinary doctor for a health check-up before they travel? We choose the services of the most experienced and reputed DAWR veterinarians to adhere to our high-quality service standards.

Popular Destinations

While we offer pet transport services to all major international destinations, our customers frequently choose us to move their pets to the following destinations:

• Pet transport from Australia to Europe.
• Pet transport from Australia to Asia.
• Pet transport from Australia to the USA.
• Pet transport from Australia to New Zealand.

Are you worried about the international pet travel cost while searching for pet transport from Australia to London or any other destinations, including China? Note that we are committed to offering the cheapest pet transport from Australia and have a highly competitive pricing policy.

We have successfully flown thousands of pets to the following cities
Atlanta Auckland Dallas Dar Es Salaam Delhi Doha
Dubai Frankfurt Guangzhou Helsinki Newcastle Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong Islamabad Istanbul Jakarta Johannesburg Kuala Lumpur
London Los Angeles Manila Miami Mumbai New York
Osaka Oslo Paris Rio De Janiero Riyadh Rome
Santiago Shanghai Singapore Taipei Tel Aviv Tokyo
Vancouver Zurich & Many More
International Pet Travel Services Include

A Comprehensive Service

Our international pet transport includes the following services:

• Flight booking – we book the most direct route possible.
• Comprehensive itinerary.
• Detailed information about the guidelines and procedures of customs and quarantine of the destination country.
• Arranging the required import permits.
• Boarding.
• Supply of an airline approved pet travel kennel – includes a Stay Dry Fleece, funnel, and water container.
• Collection of your pet from your doorstep in our spotless, air-conditioned vehicle specially built for animal transport.
• Veterinary services, blood tests, and vaccination based on the import permit regulation.
• Flight check-in.
• Customs and quarantine clearances per the destination port if required.
• Transport and delivery of your pet from the destination airport to your new property if required.
• Round the clock customer support during the pet transport.

Talk To Our Pet Transport Experts Today

Contact us today on 1300 073 839 to speak to our pet transport experts and get an instant quote for the movement of your pet. You can also get a pet import quote for Australia if you are moving to Australia. You can also write your requirements to us using our contact form and get a detailed, prompt response from us.