Pet Carriers

Pet Express Transport Services (PETS) have a comprehensive supply of special travel kennels that are airline approved for domestic and international travel.

We have a variety of travel kennels available for all types of animals these travel kennels are available for purchase from our online store or from our office in Tullamarine.

Choosing the right travel kennel for your pet not only provides necessary comfort for your pet during travel but also keeps them safe and secure.

As per industry standards, all pets must be given enough room within the travel kennel to be able to stand, sit, lie down and turn around.  Therefore it is important that all pets must be measured correctly prior to the selection of their travel kennel.

Please watch the instructional video below which demonstrates how to measure your pet to select the right size travel kennel.

How to measure your pet.

How to measure your pet to select the right size travel kennel

  • Length: Measure your pet from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail (please do not include the tail)
  • Width: Measure the width of your pet across the widest part of its body chest or hips
  • Height 1: Measure the height of your pet from the ground to the top of its head (please include the ears if they are erect)
  • Height 2: Measure the height of one of your pets’ front legs from the ground to its elbow joint.

Travel Kennels

L x 52cm, W x 34cm, H x 37cm
L x 82cm, W x 56cm, H x 60cm
crate size
L x 115cm, W x 66cm, H x 85cm
crate 1
L x 62cm, W x 41cm, H x 45cm
crate 1
L x 93cm, W x 62cm, H x 73cm
Animal crate
L x 72cm, W x 42cm, H x 52cm
crate 2
L x 115cm, W x 66cm, H x 80cm

Custom Travel Kennels

Pet Express Transport Services can custom make wooden travel kennels to accommodate any size pet.