Pet Transport Sydney

Transporting pets safely to a new address or destination is a major concern for people who relocate.

Here at PETS, we provide expert pet transport services in Sydney to all the domestic and international destinations. The end-to-end service will give you peace of mind while ensuring customised and affordable transport option for your animals.

At PETS, we are regular transporters of pets within cities, interstate, and internationally by road and air. Whether you want pet transport from Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Auckland, or any other domestic or international destinations, you can trust on us for the most professional and seamless service.

Tailored Pet Transport Services

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With nearly two decades of experience animal transport, we know the requirements of our wide range of customers. We are fully flexible and happy to provide tailored animal import and export services based on your specific needs. You can choose travel itinerary based on your travel plan, get specialised care for your beloved animal, access lounge for their superior comfort, and the list goes on.

We will also supply airline-approved, specially-built pet kennels to move your animal safely. Do you have any specific requirements to ensure the complete comfort of your animal throughout the transport? Or are you searching for emergency pet transport in Sydney to other major destinations? Talk to us on 1300 073 839 to let us know your needs to help us to give you a hassle-free transport experience.

A Team Of Pet Experts To Help You

Whether you want to import your pet from anywhere else to Sydney or move out of Sydney, our team of experts will ensure high-quality service experience. From setting the right temperature and pressure in the cabin to providing emotional support, our pet experts will take care of everything during the transport.

If there are transit points during the journey, they will take your pet for a walk and play to make them relaxed. We will also take your animal to the most reputed DAWR veterinary doctors for health check-ups to ensure a hassle-free journey. Australian regulations mandate that every animal leaving the country should complete health check-up by a veterinary doctor from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

A Hassle-Free, Comprehensive Pet Transport

At PETS, we take care of the end-to-end process of pet transport as we are focused on giving a hassle-free, professional service to our customers. Our pet transport includes some or all of the following services based on the destination you choose:

  • Flight booking – we choose the most direct route possible
  • Comprehensive itinerary
  • Arranging the documentation and the required import permits
  • Detailed information regarding the customs and quarantine guidelines at the destination country
  • Supply of airline-approved, custom-made travel kennel with Stay Dry Fleece, water container, and funnel
  • Collection of your animal from the doorstep at the doorstep
  • Boarding
  • All the necessary veterinary services, including vaccination, blood tests, and more based on import regulations
  • Flight check-in
  • Customs procedures and clearances at the destination
  • Transport and delivery of the pet from the airport to your new address
  • 24/7 customer support during the transport

At PETS, we have specially-built, air-conditioned vehicles for animal transport to pick your pet from your doorstep and drop you at your new address. No matter you choose pet transport from Sydney to Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, or anywhere else, you will get doorstep to doorstep service.

Consult With Our Experts Today

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