Pet Transport Melbourne

Welcome to PETS – the experts of pet transport in Melbourne with end-to-end services.

Pet transport is no longer a matter of concern for you as we are there to help you cater to the needs of moving your beloved animals. From collecting the animals from your doorstep to delivering at your destination, we take care of everything and ensure a stress-free, safe transport of your animals.

From pets to zoo animals and defence pet movement, we provide animal movements within the country as well as to all the major international locations. Whether you want pet transport from Melbourne to Sydney, Perth, Auckland, or any other destination, our highly-reliable, professional services can be the best choice for your needs.

Tailored Pet Transport Services


We give priority to the needs of our customers and offer tailored pet transport services. Whether you want to transport pets from Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or any other destination to Melbourne or vice versa you can choose tailored animal transport itineraries as per your travel plan.

You have the option to select specialised care for your pet during the travel. We also offer lounge services to help our customers to ensure the premium comfort for their animals during the transport. Do you have any specific requirements for your pets? Talk to our experts today, as we are fully accommodative to the needs of our customers. We will also provide you with a detailed quote on your needs.

This means that you can get pet transport Melbourne to Auckland cost or any other destination such as Darwin, Tasmania, or anywhere else.

A Team Of Experts

At PETS, we have a team of experts to take care of your animal at every stage of transportation. Our team will prepare your pet for travel with expert care and guidance. From supporting your pet to manage the stress during the travel to creating a comfortable environment in their cabin, we will ensure a seamless experience for your beloved animal.

For every international pet transport, the animal should be examined by a veterinary doctor from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). With several years of expertise in the industry, we choose the most reputed DAWR veterinarians to ensure excellent health for your pet throughout the transport.

The Complete Pet Transport Service

Regardless of you want domestic or international animal transport, we provide you with a complete experience. You will get most or all of the following services based on the destination of transport you choose:

  • Flight booking – we choose the most direct flight route possible
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Supply of travel kennel – approved by the airline
  • Collection of your beloved animal in our spotless animal transport vehicle from your doorstep
  • Boarding and accommodation
  • Pre-flight walk and play
  • Flight check-in
  • Supply of stay Dry Fleece in order to keep your pet dry throughout the journey
  • Delivery of the pet to your new address from the airport
  • Customs and quarantine clearances as per the regulations of the destination
  • Veterinary services, including blood tests and vaccination as per the import permit regulations
  • Round the clock customer support during the movement of your pet

Connect With Our Pet Transport Experts

Contact us on 1300 073 839 with your pet movement needs or questions. Our experts are happy to help you and guide you to get the most tailored service.

You can also use our contact form to write your requirements to us. Our experts will call you back and provide you with the information and a FREE quote for your transport needs.