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Welcome to PETS – the leader of pets and animal transport services in Australia.

Are you searching for expert pet transport in Brisbane to ensure the seamless transport of your beloved animal to any domestic or international destination?

At PETS, we have years of experience in animal transport and an excellent network with all the major destinations around the world to offer tailored services to our customers. Whether you want to import services such as pet transport from Melbourne to Brisbane, Sydney to Brisbane or export services, youcan trust us for highly efficient pet transport.

Custom Pet Transport Services


We offer complete flexibility for your animal movement needs with tailored services. You can choose custom itinerary services as per your travel plan and ensure seamless delivery of the pet to your new address. From luxury boarding to lounge services, we offer everything that can ensure the best care and comfort for your animal with us.

If you need international or domestic pet transport, we offer door-to-door services for both. If you want domestic transport of your pets, intra-state or inter-state destinations, we can help you transport your pet via flights or on the road. At PETS, we offer our transport services for all types of animals, including zoo animal transport.

A Team Of Pet Experts

We have a team of pet experts who will ensure a stress-free, comfortable travel experience for your animal. They will set the right temperature and pressure in the cabin and keep the positive mood of your pet throughout the trip. Should your pet show any stress during the journey, our experts will provide them with the emotional support and care to keep them calm and have a comfortable transport experience.

As per the government regulations, any animal that leaves Australian soil must be examined by a veterinary doctor from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). At PETS, we choose the most experienced and qualified DAWR veterinary doctors to get the most updated health status of your loved animal to ensure a seamless journey.

A Complete Pet Transport Experience

You will get a complete pet transport experience from us regardless of current location and destination. It includes all or most of the following services, based on the destination:

  • Flight booking – the most direct route possible
  • Detailed and updated information about the procedures and guidelines of the service
  • Comprehensive itinerary
  • Collection of your pet from the doorstep in a specially built pet transport vehicle
  • Arranging all the required import permits
  • Supply of airline approved pet kennel with a funnel, Stay Dry Fleece, and water container
  • Veterinary services including health check-ups, blood tests, and the administration of the required
  • Boarding
  • Flight check-in
  • Customs and quarantine clearances at the destination airport for international pet transport
  • Transport and delivery of the pet from the destination airport to your new address
  • 24/7 customer support during the transport

You can get pet transport from Brisbane to Cairns, Auckland, Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, and other popular destinations at highly competitive rates and get an upfront quote for transparent service.

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